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Blood flow restriction: Accelerate Performance & Recovery

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As THE BFR PROS, it is our mission to help clinicians, fitness & performance coaches grow your business by giving the most enjoyable, unbiased evidence based blood flow restriction (BFR) training workshops possible. We accomplish this through our customized edutaining curriculum that includes active participation from all attendees. Each single day workshop is divided into classroom instruction, & lab/demonstration with population specific case studies.

This 1 day workshop is for Rehab Professionals who want specialize in BFR Training for the injured community. Upon completion, a BFR Training Rehab Specialist Certification will be awareded. Rehab professionals should consider taking both workshops to have a complete picture of working within the healthy and rehab populations.

All previous certified BFR rehab clinicians are eligible to take the workshop and receive a one time $50 credit. To receive this credit attendees must e-mail a copy of their BFR certificate to marty@thebfrpros.com.

BFR training – Accelerate recovery/rehab workshops abjectives:

  1. Discuss importance of muscle protein synthesis within the injured, post operative, elderly and neurological populations.
  2. Evaluate the benefits of BFR training and its secondary mechanism as it relates to tissue healing and return to activity.
  3. Discuss BFR in clinical practice within injured, post operative, elderly and neurological populations.
  4. Discuss case studies and design/demonstrate a BFR treatment plan of care.
  5. Discuss marketing and business strategies and solutions to successfully integrate BFR into practice.


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