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Cristian Barton: Patello-femoral Rehabilitation

kosten: 245
Vakdomein: Algemeen, Sport
Accreditatiepunten: 7
Cursusvorm: Cursus

In this course, Christian will give you the skills and knowledge to diagnose and manage PFP.

This course is delivered by Dr Christian Barton, who has a highly respected international research profile, with more than 40 peer reviewed publications. He teaches courses in Australia, the UK and Scandinavia. Clinically, Christian specialises in the management of persistent and challenging knee and running related injuries, working with a range of elite athletes and in conjunction with many of Melbourne’s leading orthopaedic specialists. This vital clinical insight ensure you will take away immediately clinically applicable skills.

Objectives of the Patello-femoral Rehabilitation course:

  • Make an accurate diagnosis of PFP, considering differential diagnosis of tendon, ligament, meniscus and joint pathologies
  • Be aware of common local, proximal and distal deficits related to PFP and how to identify their presence in a clinical setting
  • Effectively apply evidence based interventions in the clinical setting, including: exercise (local, proximal and distal), taping, massage/mobilisation, and adjunctive interventions
  • Develop skills and clinical reasoning processes to apply running retraining interventions when treating running related injuries
  • Progress exercise to patients required function
  • Understand the implications of adolescent PFP and PFJ osteoarthritis and how best to manage them in a clinical setting


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