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Headache: assessment and treatment suited to manual therapy

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    Algemeen, Manueel
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    • Datum: 07 maart 2019
      Locatie: Maassluis

The course will cover the anatomical and functional basis to the evaluation of disorders of the upper cervical spine including headache. Of special interest will be evidence based clinical practice, emphasizing clinical examination, evaluation, interpretation, differential diagnosis and treatment.

This course will be conducted in lecture, tutorial and workshop format for the clinician or academic who is interested in manual therapy, manual medicine or musculoskeletal medicine. It is anticipated that the course content will be suitable to individuals who are seeking new knowledge, to individuals seeking to expand their knowledge and to those individuals seeking the stimulation of clinical interaction. Whilst the course will be presented at a high level this should not be seen as a barrier to participation for those with little or with no previous experience in this special area. As a result of attending this course it is anticipated that participants will gain personal satisfaction as in a variety of ways, which will enhance their individual requirements. There are therefore no pre-requisites for participation.


This is an eclectic manual therapy programme combining techniques from many different manual therapy concepts. This eclectic approach provides clinicians with a range of tools to safely manage patients with a variety of different upper cervical pain disorders. An important part of this course is clinical evaluation. There is also a strong emphasis on teaching clinicians the ability to perform an accurate and specific manual therapy examination.

Articular System

As part of the assessment of the articular system the aim is to teach a range of evidence-based passive motion testing procedures to include provocative tests in combined positions for specific structures as well as tests to determine specific motion segment dysfunction. This is particularly important in the management of headache disorders.

Neural System

An overview of neural tissue pain disorders will be presented with differential diagnosis for different types of neural dysfunction, including neuropathic pain with sensory hypersensitivity, peripheral nerve sensitization and compressive neuropathy. Assessment to distinguish the common forms of neural disorders in headache will be demonstrated and practiced. The clinical relevance of distinguishing these different types of disorders will be presented, particularly in relation to management.

Muscle System

Recurrent and recalcitrant pain disorders of the cervical spine require an assessment of trunk, scapula and cervical spine dynamic and static postural and motor control as well as muscle function to determine impairment. Impairment is not always linked to the presenting pain disorder, so requires careful consideration. An emphasis of this programme is a functional approach to the assessment of the cervical/shoulder girdle muscle system.

A core principle of the programme is the ongoing clinical reasoning based on the subjective and physical examination. This programme does not provide the participants with a recipe approach to treatment. Students will be able to develop though sound methodology, appropriate treatment strategies with logical progression over time.


  • To promote understanding of the classification and evaluation of headache disorders with potential for manual therapy management.
  • To develop a strong evidence-based biomedical basis towards the examination, evaluation and physical treatment of upper cervical spine neuromusculoskeletal pain disorders.
  • To promote understanding of the mechanisms for patient presentations of dysfunction such as in upper cervical spine neuromusculoskeletal pain disorders.
  • To develop ability to evaluate and differentially diagnose upper cervical spine neuromusculoskeletal pain disorders.
  • To develop ability to prescribe and apply appropriate physical treatments for upper cervical spine neuromusculoskeletal pain disorders.


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