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The sporting foot & ankle

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Vakdomein: Algemeen, Sport
Accreditatiepunten: 15
Cursusvorm: Cursus

About the course

The foot and ankle complex is a key region of the body, with multiple pathologies co-existing and large forces being generated and absorbed through this region during almost all sports, coupled with its ability to influence back pain and overall function. Many local structures can generate pain in this region, and to further complicate matters, there are a number of structures that can refer pain into the area.

This course was first establish in the UK in 2010, and has so far been taught in number of countries. The course covers a collection of published research articles and ideas, brought together by the teachings of many leading clinicians we have come into contact with over the years. We have drawn from our experiences working with elite athletes through The English Institute of Sport, UK Athletics, England Rugby, Saracens Rugby, British Triathlon and the Intensive Rehabilitation Unit for Team GB, The Olympics and National teams, post graduate studies and numerous clinical courses. Our aim is to piece together a framework for assessing and treating what is a challenging yet rewarding area – The Sporting Foot & Ankle.

The aim of the course is to have an over-view of the anatomy, biomechanics and function of the foot and ankle complex, to understand the main pathologies that present in this region. The most important area will be to explore the podiatry historical philosophy that structure governs function, and to challenge this philosophy with the notion that maybe function governs structure. To conclude we will explore optimal techniques through manual and soft tissue therapy, tracing techniques and ultimately how to improve function through exercise.


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