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Towards Evidence-Based Physiotherapy Clinical Reasoning in Rehabilitation – With a Focus on Movement

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    Orthopaedic manual therapists and sports physiotherapists often meet patients with neck and/or shoulder pain. Many everyday and sports activities involve high demands on the peripheral tissues as well as on sensory-motor control. Recent advances in our understanding of how nociception from peripheral tissues may alter neural processing, how alterations in the nervous system affect movement and recurrent pain, and that pathoanatomical findings may, or may not, be associated with the experience of pain, influence physiotherapy clinical reasoning.

    Our workshop about The Movement System Impairment Syndromes will teach you how to identify biomechanically non-advantageous movement patterns around the neck/shoulder area, muscle imbalances using visual observation of movements as well as muscle length and strength testing. You will also learn how to alleviate and prevent mechanical musculoskeletal pain through treatment focused on the restoration of optimal alignment and appropriate movement patterns. We will include a patient demonstration followed by discussion.


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