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Webinar Key assessments and treatment principles for an injured runner

kosten: 40
Vakdomein: Algemeen, Sport
Accreditatiepunten: 4
Cursusvorm: Online cursus

In this webinar Tom will cover load management, psychosocial factors and tissue response to load plus how to apply these in subjective and objective assessment. He’ll give key assessments and treatment principles for an injured runner.

He’ll discuss how to find the right balance between training lead and tissue load capacity. There’re a lot of factors that, during load, may influence pain and be influenced by pain. It’s a complex system that’s heavily interlinked. Tom will discuss how to work with injured runners, and what factors may influence those patients. He will point out how important education is and teach you how to educate your injured runner.

learning objectives: 

  • Understand the potential causes of running injury and be able to identify them in patients
  • Appreciate the importance of injury prevention and our role within it
  • Modify training volume, intensity and frequency to suit a client’s needs
  • Assess running gait and provide re-education where indicated



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