The Upper Limb Focus

In our Online Course Modules “Upper Limb Focus: Stiff Shoulder, Elbow and Wrist & Hand” by UK expert clinicians Andrew Cuff and Thomas Mitchell we will help you to improve your clinical reasoning for the upper limb from the comfort of your home.  … Lees meer

Shockwave Therapy Video Course

Speed up your Athlete’s Load Bearing Tolerance by Integrating Shockwave into Exercise Therapy! This comprehensive video course is open to Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Podiatrists, Sports Therapists & Chiros and aims to review the effectiveness and risk … Lees meer

Discovering Fascia

Dive Into the World Of Fascia Claim your seat on our online course “Discovering Fascia” by anatomist Karl Jacobs to explore the world of Fascia – from its embryological offspring to its different functions in the body and … Lees meer

Recovery for Sports Performance

Increase Performance Levels by Applying the Latest Research about Recovery in Practice In professional sports, every centimeter, second or percentage can make the difference between victory and defeat. While a lot of money is involved in professional … Lees meer

Headache Treatment in Clinical Practice

Finally Learn how to Diagnose & Treat Patients with Headaches Claim your seat on our online course “Headache Treatment in Clinical Practice” by top headache researcher René Castien To Finally Learn How to help Patients with different forms … Lees meer

Patellofemoral Pain & Fat Pad Syndrome

Update your Knowledge about Patellofemoral Pain by Gaining Insights into the Latest Research Patellofemoral Pain is the most prevalent knee complaint we see in clinical practice. Although very common, a cookie-cutter that is often used will … Lees meer

Congres Kanker & Leven

Tijdens de behandeling van kanker krijgen mensen met veel uiteenlopende zaken te maken die verder reiken dan alleen de focus op overleven. Zo krijgen jaarlijks ongeveer 45.000 mensen die werken de diagnose kanker. Sommige van … Lees meer

Live webcast Blaaspijnsyndroom de baas

Diagnostiek en behandeling van patiënten met Blaaspijnsyndroom/Interstitiële Cystitis (BPS/IC) staan centraal tijdens deze live webcast. Blaaspijnsyndroom is een invaliderende en moeilijk behandelbare aandoening die de kwaliteit van het leven van mensen ernstig kan beïnvloeden. Het … Lees meer